What to Do after a Major Weather Event

  1. Take pictures of the damages and do whatever you can to eliminate further damage. This would include makeshift coverings for broken windows, towels to soak up water, pulling up carpets to dry, etc. If you use money to buy anything in preventing further damage, SAVE RECEIPTS. You may need them for insurance later.
  2. After a major event, you may not be able to get in contact with us immediately. Don’t panic. We are local and in the aftermath with you. We may not be able to get to our office and/or our phone lines or internet may be down (all of this happened to us after both Hurricane Ike and Harvey). If we are able to work, we are answering hundreds, if not thousands, of emails and calls. Be patient. Leave messages on voicemail and email if possible. We WILL call you back. We strive to do our very best at providing the best customer service possible in any situation.

  3. When filing a claim, the process is almost always this:

    • Take pictures and eliminate further damages, but if you might be able to use insurance, then don’t try to completely repair.

    • Get a trustworthy contractor or expert to give you an estimate on how much to fix damages. Be patient! In a major event, they are completely overwhelmed as well.

    • If the contractor’s estimate exceeds your insurance deductible, THEN file a claim. Don’t fix anything until the claims adjustor has seen the damage.

You do not want to file a claim when the deductible is more than the damage, because in that scenario, you get nothing from the insurance company. However, sometimes you already know your damages surpass your deductible (EX: your roof has blown off your house). You can call us or your carrier directly at that point to file a claim even before getting an estimate on damages.

The only time you would not follow the steps in #3 is in this kind of catastrophic situation when you are certain your damages exceed your deductible.

Important! Going through a broker is great in that we have multiple carriers and provide you with the best possible prices, but filing a claim can be tricky if you do not know your carrier. PLEASE HAVE YOUR SPECIFIC CARRIER AND POLICY NUMBER FOR REFERENCE. You can also be prepared beforehand by writing down your specific carrier’s ways to file a claim. If you are having trouble determining your carrier or need our help in any way, call us: 281-996-0040. If our line is busy or if we have not called you back within 24 hours, call 281-367-3424. This is our corporate office and they should be able to assist you in the meantime. 

We hope this guide will be very beneficial to you in the event of a major event.

The McKinney Staff

Carriers and Ways to Submit a Claim

To submit a claim: 888-376-9633 (Choose Option 2)

To submit claim: 866-635-9959

To submit a claim: 866-274-5677

To submit a claim: 972-595-5700

To submit a claim: 888-639-2567

To submit a claim:
877-560-5224 (Choose Option 1)
Email: newclaim@cypressig.com


To submit a claim:


To submit a claim: 877-254-6819

To submit a claim: www.orchidinsurance.com/claims
Click Button: “Contact Information by Carrier”

To submit a claim:
713-524-110 (Ext. 98339)
Email: txclaims@rtspecialty.com


To submit a claim:

To submit a claim: 855-252-4615

To submit a claim:
Email: kjones@twfg.com

To submit a claim:

To submit a claim:

To submit a claim: 800-342-3407

To submit a claim:
800-788-8247 (Choose Option 1)

To submit a claim:
Email: newclaim@twico.com

To submit a claim: