Contact Info
Kristin Jones
Owner, Licensed Agent
Kristin Jones worked for McKinney Insurance for 13 years before purchasing the agency from her boss.  In an inspiring story, she talked her way into a CSR job in 2008, completely green in insurance.  She quickly proved to be a hard worker and the top salesperson.  She became an office manager 5 years later, and finally purchased the agency from Lane McKinney, her boss, on 02/10/2021.  It was the best of both worlds for both of them.
She is thrilled to be a new owner and is keeping the name “McKinney Insurance” out of homage to her favorite boss ever.  Because she has such familiarity with the operations of the agency, the transition of ownership has been seamless, and she will continue providing the same excellent service the agency has always delivered. She and her husband live in Clear Lake.  She enjoys being active in her church, playing the guitar, fitness, and cooking.
"My mission statement for McKinney Insurance is to GIVE BIG. I want to give the best possible client experience to the customer because we really do care for them and want to help them with whatever is in their best interests in the insurance realm. I want to give big to my employees, making them happy to work for McKinney. I want to give big to the charitable organizations I believe in. I am excited about opportunities to be generous as an owner!"