Contact Info
Leanna Lopez
Licensed Sales & Service Rep

Leanna Lopez has been on staff since June of 2013. She specializes in re-shopping homeowner’s insurance renewals, many times without the customer asking or even knowing! While Kristin predominately writes new business, Leanna truly takes care of retaining and servicing existing clients. She appreciates the trust her clients put in her. Leanna loves spending time with her 2 sons, reading her Bible, listening to sermons, and watching movies.

"Insurance is not the most enthralling thing, but I love the team of people I work with... we can laugh off the more annoying parts of what we do! We are in it together for the good of the client. Speaking of clients, I do enjoy helping people. I am often proactive to shop someone's homeowner insurance renewal even without them knowing and finding them a better deal. If I can move them to another company and save them money, I let them know and I know they appreciate that! When I get an email from someone expressing their genuine thanks, it makes my day."