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Tabitha Morel
Office Manager

Tabitha Morel has been a member of the McKinney Insurance Agency team since April 2021, and has quickly proven her trustworthiness. She had prior experience in office management and got promoted to McKinney’s Office Manager in 2023. Tabitha’s main focus is being Kristin’s right hand, assisting with all her many clients and service work. Tabitha enjoys music, being with her family, and the great outdoors. She also recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She is looking forward to helping everyone with their needs and giving big.

"Customer service is my go-to in the working world. I love helping people, period. Insurance allows me to do that and do it well! I am so excited to be a part of a team that feels the same way I do about giving back to our community, to its employees, and most importantly to our customers!"